the six houses

classic collection

Classic Collection rooms reflect Alaçatı at its best, elegant simplicity in comfort. Designed for relaxation, each room is locally inspired and offers something special: a private patio, a romantic courtyard view or an old feature fireplace. Luxurious touches include white Carrara marble bathrooms and towering, tactile curtains. The rest awaits discovery.

  • Alavya Classic Collection 1
  • Alavya Classic Collection 2
  • Alavya Classic Collection 3
  • Alavya Classic Collection 4
  • Alavya Classic Collection 5

premium collection

Designed to convey a sense of serenity, Alaçatı’s Premium Collection balance aesthetics with comfort. There are rooms with open-air terraces, private balconies or delightful views of the courtyard Alaçatı. Exclusive elements include – bookshelves, contemporary art works- large, white Carrera marbled bathrooms – creating an atmosphere of delightful comfort you will not want to leave.

  • Alavya Premium Collection 1
  • Alavya Premium Collection 2
  • Alavya Premium Collection 3
  • Alavya Premium Collection 4
  • Alavya Premium Collection 5

more than just a suite

Our two exclusive suites offer an experience in tasteful modern living, complete with private Jacuzzi and spectacular views of Alaçatı’s whispering windmills. A quiet haven set in a contemporary style with a local flair in its refreshing, cheerful living room, walk-in wardrobes and white Carrara marble bathrooms blend a sense of peace with luxurious comfort.

  • Alavya More Than Just a Suite 1
  • Alavya More Than Just a Suite 2
  • Alavya More Than Just a Suite 3
  • Alavya More Than Just a Suite 5

turquoise loft

In Alavya’s oldest building, Turquoise Loft is arguably the most impressive accommodation option. Impressively elegant, its spacious bedrooms, white Carrara bathrooms, private terrace, living and dining areas with high-beamed ceilings ensure a refreshing sense of freedom and space.

  • Alavya Turquoise Loft 1
  • Alavya Turquoise Loft 2
  • Alavya Turquoise Loft 3
  • Alavya Turquoise Loft 4
  • Alavya Turquoise Loft 5

jade loft

Inspired with love, serenity and peace - all that jade symbolizes – Jade Loft is known as the Honeymoon Suite and is in the very heart of Alavya. The splendid views from the balcony are well worth a visit, while its tasteful designed interior offer a guest the very best.

  • Alavya Jade Loft 1
  • Alavya Jade Loft 2
  • Alavya Jade Loft 3
  • Alavya Jade Loft 4
  • Alavya Jade Loft 5

alavya privé

A key to Alaçatı Villa is to enter a world of space and privacy designed with simple elegance for utmost comfort, relaxation and peace of mind. Standing in a well-kept walled garden shaded by old palm trees its impressive high ceilinged entrancehall leads into spacious living rooms which open to a terrace , pool, sundeck and out-door dinning area. On the first floor six well-proportioned bedrooms with bathrooms ensure a good-night sleep, while the lower ground floor with its large film and T.V screen, games room, gym and sauna is a fun. Sporty place for one and all. Walk out of the garden gate for a short stroll to ALAVYA, note the same decor and sense of wellness, in the centre of Alaçatı, an old Greek village now a fashionable venue for water sports, art gourme kitchen garden restaurants and vibrant night life, or you might prefer to smile, enjoying the nonchalant perfection of your own space and privacy at Alaçatı Villa while you can, rather than walk out of the garden.

  • Alavya Privé 1
  • Alavya Privé 2
  • Alavya Privé 3
  • Alavya Privé 4
  • Alavya Privé 5
  • Alavya Privé 6