Journey Within at MIBOSO

MIBOSO is a therapeutic retreat designed to refresh the mind, body and soul. Relax un-wind, spoil yourself in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere with a soothing massage and treatment then a rejuvenating session at the sauna and steam room.

Holistic wellness is available in the form of Alexis Kiresepi’s personalised yoga journeys, pilates classes and fitness sessions. Silent walks detox treatments, and training workshops are but a few of the year-round activities and events that address all manner of physical, mental and emotional desires.

Alavya's Yoga at a glance

Yoga is the ancient art of union: union between the body, mind and soul aided by consciousness and breathe awareness. Alavya as a place has been designed to compliment such a state – the right balance between comfort and luxury; a tranquil oasis where passionate and committed individuals unite; a place where visitors are able to experience the all-connecting and infinite universe.

Yoga & Pilates

Whether a weekender or summer lover, we are delighted to offer our guests a holistic approach to wellness. Linger for a post-yoga massage, relax in the café, or join us for sunrise walks, nature rides, windsurfing classes or evening meditation. Let us help you to open the door to the fullness and joy of life.

Alavya Pilates

Alavya’s mat-based Pilates classes offer core shaping and strength building with a group or on a one-to-one basis.

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spa & fitness


Centred on the philosophy that an active body is essential for both physical and mental wellbeing, Miboso offers a gym alongside yoga, pilates and TRX equipment – a combination that enables one to build inner strength while balancing body and soul with the infinite energy of life.


The Mibosa spa is a soothing retreat designed to simultaneously refresh mind, body and soul. Relax in the tranquil setting, renew with soothing treatment and rejuvenate in the sauna and steam room.

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alavya store

Haremlique İstanbul at Alavya Store…
Haremlique İstanbul specializes in the production of high-quality bed linen products for residential and commmercial use all over the world. Haremlique's collections include bed linens made from 100% Egyptian cotton, bath linens ranging from towels and bathrobes to exquisite peshtamals and table linens.

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Ahoy Captain

Explore Alaçatı’s hidden coves and shimmering bays aboard our private Jeanneau 54, “Embrace”. Available for exclusive day cruises and overnight stays, we will personalise every detail of your oceanic adventure; from our chefs' cuisine to delicious local wines, from sunrise swims to sunset cocktails, from romantic voyages to sun-drenched family forays.

special occasions

Weddings, Parties & so much more

The intimate atmosphere and warm embrace of Alavya’s spacious courtyards and gardens create a magical party setting. We will dazzle you with our attention to detail and wow you with our imagination. Live your own fairytale as we transform your special event, birthday, wedding or anniversary into unforgettable memories. Alavya is available for exclusive hire.

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meetings, incentives & seminars

At Alavya, prepare for a fresh perspective when it comes to matters of business. Our unique meeting and seminar locations will surprise and motivate you, injecting the corporate norm with an inspiring magic of its own. Our diverse educational and team-building programmes will widen your horizons further still, injecting creativity and improving collaboration. We are at your service all year around, so let’s meet up to design the ideal program for your needs.

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